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aBitNow is not only the most innovative app on the planet for restaurants but the cheapest too. Unlike other platforms, we let the restaurant keep the profits. You could be taking online orders for Dine-in, Takeout & Delivery this week, all free* with no obligations (our price and capabilities will be all you need to decide for yourself to stay with us).


Save time and money while helping restaurants recover from Covid-19, sign-up and nominate your favorite restaurants now! Use the powerful tool you have in your pocket and save 70% of the time usually needed for eating out and potentially save some money too.

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The aBitNow brand will bring in the new “ for Restaurants” product.

The new “Just in Time” (JIT or JiT) product will provide restaurants a new platform to build their restaurant’s online image. With the innovation platform, restaurants can double or even triple the number of customers and revenue they can target during the busy days and times. Additionally, the platform will educate staff/team members on how they can better serve their customers while also getting a huge boost in employee morale. Perhaps the best capabilities of the platform are that it will significantly reduce the amount of work for the service staff, decrease the customer’s time in the restaurant and drive customer satisfaction through the roof!

The main themes behind the platform start with “time savings for all” but includes security, optimization and relationship building. More on all of these in the coming days. We have an app… our app is much more than an app, it is an entire platform that will drive success into any restaurant that chooses to embrace the change the app and patent-pending processes will help them leverage. The product will be made up of many modules

Static Menu

Leverages a dynamic data-driven platform and infrastructure to give you a state-of-the-art look on a bare bones budget.

Dynamic Menu System

Data-driven menu system where businesses can manage their own products, prices, and almost any other thing they want to manage in an online menu. This dynamic menu system is so extensive that a business could do things like: disable a baked potato from the menu when they run out, setup daily specials, setup holiday menu, last minute sale on soon to expire or over-stock food, so much more.

Search Platform

We are targeting our search as being the best place online to search for restaurants. Customers can find you through products, ingredients, location, price, size or type of table, availability, ratings and countless number of other ways. This is a first-class search engine that integrates with all other systems.

Restaurant Self-Service Portal

Massive customization of the restaurants’ site. So expansive that without ever engaging a developer, restaurants could build out their entire site from home page, privacy page, contact page, menu page or whatever they want. Need help? We have you covered, you can pick from templates or engage our developers to make it completely unique.

Online Ordering System

Have your customers order online; complete with all the questions your best server would typically ask. How would you like your burger cooked? hold the onion .. no problem, extra, extra pickle… we have you covered. Would you like fries, chips or slaw? Would you like cheese and bacon on your fries? You name the questions and answer choices. Choices can be included or at an upcharge amount defined by you.

Team & Collaboration System

How would you like for your team to meet every single table, during every visit? No time for that right? Well with technology it takes NO TIME, almost literally. Once the order has been assigned to a server, an automated response can be sent to the customer introducing their server. Hey, that’s easy right. The server or host can greet the customer at the door (by name since they have a picture on file). But how about the kitchen team. Let’s not leave them out. Jeff the broiler guy will automatically send an introduction message to them, stating that their burger or steak is on the broiler, even the fry or sauté cooks can get into the action without lifting a finger. This innovative platform will forever change what customer service should be in the Restaurant business.

Rating System

Any good app these days needs a good rating system. We pulled no punches on this module. The restaurant (and the customer) can be rated on a seemingly endless supply of choices. Sure, we can rate your server, service, host, food, beverages, cleanliness, etc. Heck, anybody can do that. We allow the ability to rate anything. Rate each of the cooks, rate each of the meals, rate any element.

Rewards and Badge System

The rewards program is AWESOME. It will keep your customers coming back and drive your customers to invite their friends to join. Customers (and team members) can earn badges. From the “$1.00” badge when they spend their first dollar with you to their $5,000.00 ​or their 50 visits badge or Save $100 badge. Badges are not all about money, there are hundreds already and we are aiming for thousands: invite a friend, attend an event, win a prize, start a party, and many more badges

Payment Platform

To effectively place orders we need to make it official and collect some cash. The payment platform allows customers to pay be credit card, bank transfer or even their very own virtual credit card. We do not want to spill too much of the beans on this… just a note. Once the full platform is releases.

Many, many more

We have much more coming that we will share in the coming months. Just as a teaser… advertising, co-marketing, training, waste management, workflow design, multi-site and multi-store management and so much more.


We will provide many workflows and use cases but for now, let’s just look at one:


  • Searches for a restaurant within 5 miles has available tables.
  • Finds a suitable restaurant and decides to place the order for their entire party
  • Submits the order and payment terms then follows the GPS to the establishment.
  • Receives acceptance from restaurant
  • Payment is processed
  • Various status updates are received
  • Arrives to fresh drinks on the table and food follows within a few minutes
  • Send messages to server if needed
  • Finish meals, provide feedback, exit establishment.
  • Exit within 15-20 mins from food arrival (if Just in Time (JiT) table was selected)


  • Order is digitally received by the restaurant along with full details and ETA including real-time updates on ETA.
  • Order is accepted and an acceptance message is sent to user.
  • Prepares food and saves a table for the user;
  • Alerts the user to status at pre-defined checkpoints
  • Prepares table within 2 minutes of customer arrival
  • Have food ready for the customer within 2-3 mins of customer planned arrival time.
  • As the customer walks in, they are greeted by name at the door and shown their table where drinks were already delivered.
  • Deliver food, check-in regularly
  • Receive and respond to messages from customer as needed
  • Customer leaves within 20 mins (for Just in Time (JiT) tables)
  • Table is turned over in 20 minutes (instead of the normal 45-60 minutes)

We are literally cutting all the “wait” states for the consumer when they go out to have a meal. Placing the burden of placing the order and taking payment onto the user will free most of the server’s time. It will also decrease the time a customer has to be in the restaurant which will significantly increase customer turnover which will significantly increase profits for servers and the restaurant. We are referring to this no-wait process as JiT (Just in Time) patent pending and trademarked.

- Our Mission Statement -

Build high-quality innovative applications, services, and products that inspire consumers and businesses to become raving fans. Treat every employee, customer, business and person with dignity, respect and caring. Deliver services that customers want, need, expect, deserve and love. Become known in the world as a leader in Innovation!

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Many others are performing various jobs as consultants. About a dozen others working now with another dozen positions open

Second development team expected to follow shortly after onboarding current open positions.

Our Vision

Lead every consumer and every business into a pattern of giving to charity every day. Streamline and automate the connection of consumers and businesses through state-of-the-art engineering of innovative products and services. Build products and services used by every smart device and person on the planet. Serve our global and local communities daily. Educate and inspire everyone to do their part in making the world a better, safer, kinder, and more compassionate place. Bring friends and family together while helping people cherish experiences of the past, present, and future.