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Your Business “Survive and Thrive” Solution

aBitNow is an easy-to-use, contactless online product and ordering solution giving business more control and flexibility to better connect with customers in today’s ever-changing world…for less.


Our simple 3-step plan lets you take online orders for products quickly and easily to make more sales and profits.

Overwhelming Challenges

Loss of Revenue / Profit

  • Unable to turn customers fast enough with limited seating to turn a profit
  • Ineffective, expensive or lack of online capability for ordering
  • Limited number of orders that can be processed during meal rush
  • Limited or no customer loyalty

Time Wasted

  • Customers occupying table and chairs while others are waiting
  • Host taking orders on the phone, text or email.
  • Cooking and Preparing meals take 5 minutes or more

Working Harder

  • Worried about plan if shutdown happens again
  • Lack of Predictability and forecasting for staffing and ordering product
  • Lack of Flexibility to respond quickly to sudden government-mandated changes
  • Difficult to make changes to product items, price and availability

aBitNow Advantages


Offer Online orders

  • Add fully customizable product and ordering platform
  • Offer Takeout and Delivery on your terms
  • Keep the profit instead of giving it to providers
  • Capture a growing segment of the fine dining business

Save money

  • Never pay for website hosting or product modification again
  • Never pay expensive fees for online ordering again
  • Add a special to your product in seconds to sell over-stock items

Save time

  • Customers place their order, make payment and even check status
  • Saving staff time and money
  • Eliminate need for staff designated to “call in” orders

Safer Solution

  • Keep customers and staff safer by limiting customer contact with Contactless ordering, payment, and curbside pickup
  • Easier to follow changing government guidelines

Experience Quality

  • Increase quality of your online website with first-class design and real-time updates.
  • Increase performance and quality system to better handle the rush for your staff and your customers.
  • Make business user experience more intuitive and faster

Simplify life

  • Easy and Intuitive can integrate with your existing system
  • Quickly control this simple customizable, dynamic online ordering platform
  • Can be run on any Internet connected device (No Apps required)
  • Easy to set up, scalable products and “on the fly” capabilities

Save with Just in Time (jIT) Meals

  • Turn tables in 20 minutes
  • Customer agrees to eat and run in 20 mins with jIT Meals
  • Turn checks to cook in kitchen in 2 minutes or less
  • Food is on the table when customer is ready to be served
  • Message to customer when food is ready
  • Message to Business when customer arrives

The Guidance You Need


We know what it feels like to be unsure of how to respond to the many decisions that must be made to survive and thrive in an environment that is filled with uncertainty.


We were founded in 1995 and have been applying innovation to many industries ever since. We have helped countless businesses solve their biggest challenges. We have helped startups and massive businesses save thousands of hours and millions of dollars a year.


As former business managers and workers, with many decades of experience, we turned our innovation sites to help business and the hospitality industry.


Under the aBitNow brand, we created a state-of-the-art system for business. This innovative platform has over 20 patent pending processes and countless advancements designed specifically for business.


The system will allow the business to get and stay profitable while meeting other needs of the business and their customers. We will help you succeed, no matter what it takes.

Simple 3-Step Plan

01Set up an account and schedule a demo:

Learn how aBitNow works for you. Your expert guide will show you the key capabilities and answer any questions to maximize what aBitNow has to offer.

02Get to know the system, process a few orders, and confirm the payments flow to your bank account:

You can follow our step-by-step “Get Started” Procedures and dive into aBitNow yourself. You can now setup your own product or have us do it for you. Set it up the way you like it. Then, place a few real orders. Confirm payments flow into your bank account. Finally, schedule training of your staffing.

03Inform your customers that you have a new online product and ordering process.

The Tools Every Business Needs To Increase Profit

Business tools to keep staff and customers safe, to turn a profit and ensure compliance while minimizing cost and disruption. 

aBitNow has developed state-of-the-art tools and a simple 3-step process that allows business to process online orders for dine-in and takeout that offers everything business need while cutting out high-priced vendors that offer sub-par online ordering capabilities.

You will be relieved and re-invigorated once you implement the aBitNow solution. A solution that guides you through all the innovative advances you will ever need.


What you get


The main themes behind the platform start with “time savings for all” but includes security, optimization and relationship building. More on all of these in the coming days. We have an app… our app is much more than an app, it is an entire platform that will drive success into any business that chooses to embrace the change the app and patent-pending processes will help them leverage. The product will be made up of many modules


Full Website


Dynamic product System


Search Platform


Business Self-Service Portal


Online Ordering System


Team & Collaboration System


Rating System


Rewards and Badge System


Payment Platform